Ten railway and tram spots you must see in Milan

Ten railway and tram things you must see or do in Milan

1) Milan Central Station (Milano Centrale)
Conceived at the beginning of the 20th century, completed in 1931, it is a unique spot: its architecture ranges from Art Nouveau to Art Deco style, with a 19th century taste in the great steel canopies that cover the tracks. Railway photographers could find interesting to shot towards the five old interlocking towers (abandoned in 1984).
Talking about history, you can’t miss “Binario 21” (“track 21”), the Shoah memorial that was set up in the former freight depot, under the passenger tracks: the memorial includes also some old freight cars (the entrance is on the eastern front of the station, piazza Edmond Sefra)

2) A run on a classical Peter Witt tram (streetcar)
Also known by railfans as “la carrelli” (“boogie car”) or “1928 type”, the 1500 class tram is a real landmark of Milan Continua a leggere